Imagine the results.

A message to the world's corn farmers.

If you could spoon-feed each seed with the perfect amount of nutrients, in the perfect place, at the perfect time, would you do it?

Give every seed
its best shot.

Treat each corn seed with care.

AccuShot delivers one dose of liquid starter per seed, right in the sweet spot. No seed is missed. No fertilizer wasted.

Maximize your
yield potential.

Early intervention pays off at harvest.

Every agronomist will tell you starter fertilizer can provide a healthier, faster-growing root and stronger stalk. With the most accurate meter on the market, AccuShot takes the worry out of starter.

You've come to a
fork in the row.

Which path will you choose?

You can continue down the same old row, using the same old methods, or prepare for the future with the game-changing AccuShot system.

Introducing AccuShot™ from Great Plains.

The engineers at Great Plains have developed the most innovative fertilizer application system available today. This revolutionary planter attachment lets you feed each corn seed with a predefined dose of liquid starter. The fertilizer is carefully placed right next to the seed for early uptake and maximum growth potential.

Get the most out of every kernel and every ounce of fertilizer.

Once you’ve discovered the remarkable benefits and possibilities of the AccuShot system, you’ll wonder how you ever farmed without it. We know you’re working hard these days to increase your bushels per acre while managing your input costs. Our new planter attachment is designed to help you tighten your belt by minimizing seed and fertilizer waste without sacrificing yield.

How does AccuShot work?

The Great Plains Air-Pro® metering system is the patented masterpiece behind AccuShot. Every time an individual seed drops, a premeasured dose of liquid fertilizer is triggered and delivered. You really have to see it to believe it.

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Give every seed its best shot.