We're farmers at heart.

Great Plains is more than just an “iron” company. We are deeply involved in the science of soil management and crop production. When we design and manufacture new machinery, we begin with a detailed study of the latest agronomic principles. Our goal is to develop innovative products that increase your yield and are consistent with environmentally sound farming systems.

Get your seeds off to a good start.

Most agronomists recommend using starter as part of your fertility program. It can improve nutrient uptake, encourage early growth, lead to stronger stalks and bigger ears, even result in lower moisture at harvest time. Until now, starter application has been a bit challenging. Should you broadcast? Use 2” over and 2” down? Apply directly on the seed? As you know, each of these methods has its downside.

“The whole key to fertilizer is doing the right thing at the right place at the right time with the right amount.”

Roger Forsberg
Agronomist & Co-owner of Ag-Alliance

Put your riches where your roots are.

With traditional dribble application methods, as little as 25% of the applied phosphorous is available to the plant’s feeder root system. This leaves young plants vulnerable to poor health. With AccuShot™, your feeder roots have immediate access to every drop of starter, helping them gain strength at their most vulnerable and critical stage.

To see the benefits of AccuShot in our Clinton, Illinois, test plot, click here!
Tests conducted in 2015 by Crop Tech Consulting.

You call the shots.

With AccuShot, you can easily select a precise dose of fertilizer per seed. You can also specify the fertilizer’s exact distance from the individual seed—the sweet spot. All this control gives you options you never had before: 

Full Load

Apply your full load of starter fertilizer at planting time, rather than cheating on the rate or adding later. 

High Salt

Use high-salt fertilizer blends without risk of burning the seed.

Soil Test

Adjust your nutrient rate at the last minute based on current soil testing.

No Waste

Pick up and turn your planter any time without fertilizer waste. If a seed does not drop, AccuShot does not disperse any liquid starter fertilizer.

Variable Rate

Match your variable rate seeding program with our variable rate fertilizer application. AccuShot maintains a constant volume of fertilizer per seed.


The Great Plains Air-Pro® meter ensures predictable, reliable seed drop and consistent spacing. 

Fertilize per seed, not per acre.

You pay for your corn seed by the kernel. Why not fertilize by the kernel, too? With AccuShot, you apply what you need and not a drop more. That means no fertilizer is EVER wasted. Sounds good for your bottom line—and the environment.